Legal – As the music business evolves so does the need to understand your rights, and how to protect yourself as you navigate through the industry. Our panel of music industry attorneys shed light on what you need to be careful of, instances of when having an attorney is imperative and when it’s not. The Q&A section is sure to be provocative.

Record deals - To sign or not to sign?...THAT is the question. A mix of A&R reps, artists and executives discuss what a record deal means in 2007 and whether it’s your best option to sign.

Songwriting & Publishing – Getting heard and getting paid. The art and business of songwriting and what it means to get published…how to make ideas a reality…collaborating with other artists...Top songwriters and executives in the publishing world discuss.

Producing and Recording – The evolving production process. Are the days of big recording budgets a thing of the past? The new home studio paradigm…pro tools, demos - how it’s being done, costs. How to cut a demo…what’s necessary….Producers, audio engineers, A&R reps.

Radio – Clear Channel has finally taken to the indie artist! We delve into key info on how you can utilize radio airwaves, promotion, and the online radio biz, and really in 2007, radio’s effectiveness. Yes we will get into the ‘dark’ side of the radio biz….payola, plugola and more! A diverse mix of artists, radio execs and on-air personalities field your questions too!

Video – 25 years ago, video ‘killed the radio star’ when MTV changed the landscape of the music business! Today video is an integral part of the music business. This panel delves into topics like: How creating a music video could be the ‘tipping point’ for your career; How You Tube and My Space have created unique opportunities. Video on Demand (VOD). Also find out how the major labels produce, promote and market videos. Directors, promoters, video channel execs field your questions and discuss all elements of the world of music video.

The Digital and Online Music Business – From I-Tunes,, AOL to Myspace… How downloading music, video and pod casting have catered to the ‘on demand’ generation.

Retail – Without question, the brick and mortar aspect of the music business had been adversely affected. With fewer retail conglomerates left, our panel will discuss distribution for indie artists & labels, mom and pop vs. corporate retail, how distribution has reinvented itself and more.

Executive ‘round table’ – They are the movers, the shakers, and tastemakers! They sign acts, and wield power. Interact with several of todays top music industry executives as they discuss where the business is, what they look for and what it takes to succeed in the ever changing business of music.